NFT is a non-fungible token (NFT) issued on the blockchain, each with its own characteristics and value. You can create and buy/sell within the MetaPie platform.

To understand NFT in more detail, it is necessary to understand the meaning of fungible and non-fungible tokens. Each of the fungible tokens has the same value and function, and if a 1:1 exchange of the same unit occurs, it is virtually the same as no exchange. Examples include fiat currency, cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ether, and bonds.

On the other hand, non-fungible tokens are unique in that each token is unique and can be used to issue ‘ownership’ even for ‘digital files’ that can be copied by anyone. To put it simply, a token created by blockchain technology is attached to a digital file as a kind of token. The transaction details of digital assets with this token are recorded on the block chain and cannot be modified due to the nature of block chain technology.
MOI is a decentralized NFT trading platform that supports the conversion of tangible assets, and digital assets into NFTs using the blockchain technology, generating revenue through economic activities on the platform. MOI aims to maximize the profitability for the users through NFT, reform the centralized, powerful and monopolistic trading platform, and build a social platform for the development of NFT to benefit the users. Ultimately, we intend to bring forth a healthier market to trade tangible assets using the blockchain technology.
MOI team is with the professional individuals and equipped the up-to-date technology to provide ideal environment to all users to enjoy the ecosystem

- Well designed digital asset market
- Safeguarded digital asset environment
- Innovative NFT Blockchain technology
MOIZA ( MOI + PLAZA) Social Platform
Unlike the other NFT platforms, MOI allows all users to play role in creating market environment. People can find themselves as creators, investors, audience, and curators.

Staking refers to contributing to data verification by depositing cryptocurrencies on the Blockchain. Staking MOI to the platform will grant an opportunity for a user to purchase or bid for premium items that are not accessible for everyone.

It is special mining method that MOI platform offers to all participants. Mining is processed by users participating in the platform in all possible forms. The level of contribution will be calculated accordingly.

MOI DEX is a decentralized virtual asset exchange developed by the MOI Blockchain Platform. MOI DEX is planning to grow and develop into a digital asset NFT trading platform that enhances reliability.

ERC-721 is a standard draft of the NFT known as a deed, and stands for Non-Fungible Token, meaning it is a non-replaceable token. Therefore, tokens issued by ERC-721 are non-replaceable and all have their own values. ERC-721 is mainly used for various digital assets rather than the token itself, and the representative model is “CryptoKitteies”. The cats in "Crypto Kitty" have different appearances, so the cat you have is the only digital cat in the world. “CryptoKitty” is a service model of success cases utilizing the characteristics of ERC-721, which is a collectible token.

ERC-721 allows tokens to be shared within the platform and become a collectible that can influence the creation of future NFTs. The ERC-721 token presents a ‘non-replaceable’ feature, as opposed to the ERC-20 tokens. MOI increases the liquidity of NFT and MOI tokens as it increases access to NFTs by the community across a large number of blockchains.